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The Month Of October

Woah Nelly is October going to be a gooder.  

I've got a bunch of local and localish shows as well as a big ole honkin' tour with Leah Barley and The Converse Cowboys.

To start off, I'll be playing with The Pernell Reichert Band at the Lougheed Harvest Fair on October 1.  Then I'll head down to The Wolf and Hound to play bass with Glenn Chatten

I'll follow that up the next day (October 2nd) with a solo set out in North Delta at the Great The GarBarge event.  

Then I'm hitting the road with my best friends Leah Barley, John Kastelic and Marina Legace for two weeks. We'll be heading out as far as Saskatchewan with stops in Revelstoke, Calgary, Edmonton, Lloydminster, Canmore, Fernie, Winlaw, Nelson, Vernon, Grandforks, Mission and even a show back home in Vancouver. Fewph. It'll be an action-packed two weeks.... and I'm really looking forward to it!

And to round out the month, a couple local shows with The Pernell Reichert Band (October 21 - The Wolf and Hound), Leah Barley (October 22nd - Red Truck Brewery) and Glenn Chatten (October 26th - Tangent Cafe)

Head over to my Shows page for a full list

See you around!

Big Showcase With Leah Barley

Woah nelly do I ever have a big show coming up.    

June 9th is the day and I'll be playing Leah Barley and The Converse Cowboys (I'm a cowboy).

I love playing with Leah and this show will be a big step forward for us.  

There will be 5 musical acts and 30+ artists showcasing jewelry, paintings, fashion and any many other forms of art.

Early bird tickets are on sale until June 2nd for only $20.  Click HERE to get yours!  Look for "Featured In" on the left side and the "Buy" link is under that.

Hope to see you there

In The Studio With Leah

Wowza.  Just did a 6-hour session at Fiend Recordings with Cody Taylor.  I was there laying down guitar, banjo and vocals for Leah Barley's up coming EP.  I know what's it's going to be called and everything but not sure if I am allowed to say yet :).

It's amazing to just get to play my instrument and let someone else do all the recording and the actual "figuring out" what I should be playing... I usually do it all on my own :).

I am really looking forward to sharing this with you and there's even something you can do to help!  

Check out Leah's GoFundMe and contribute.  We are really close to the goal!

Just One Sock - The Third Track From "WIHBUT"

And here it is. Fresh off the press. 

Just One Sock. The third track from my latest album "What I Have Been Up To".

Click here to watch


Ever found your self at the end of laundry day and you have an extra sock?

I find that it leaves me with questions I never seem to have answers for. Things like,

Where did you come from?

What should I do with you?

Then one day I decided to sit down and ask the sock what it thinks.

Here's its story


Started Recording A New Album

Woah nelly.  I just started recording a new album called "What I've Been Up To" and this time 'round, I'm trying something a little different.

Instead of getting everything finished and releasing it all at once, I am going to send out each song as it's finished.  As a bonus, I am filming each track with my fancy GoPro :).

Make sure to subscribe to my channel to keep up to date with releases.

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New Website Launched

So... I've decided to give the old website a bit of a face lift. Now we got all the modern bells and whistles. Make sure to have a look around and see what you like. The site will keep getting better and better.

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There's something fun for everyone!