Ross Christopher Fairbairn

Currently residing in East Vancouver, BC, Ross Christopher Fairbairn (b: 1981 - Richmond,BC), is a multi-instrumental Canadian singer-songwriter. He is known for having a captivating level fun doing what he loves on stages all over Canada.  There is absolutely no mistaking who's on stage when Ross is up there.

Ross grew up listing to the big band swing (think: Jive Bunny) and the Scottish Country music his parents danced to.  Also in the mix was liberal and regular doses of Weird Al, Animaniacs and, of course, Metallica; just to, you know, round out his musical foundations. 

At around age 7, Ross started playing the piano and by 10 he had shifted into guitar; that's where things really started opening up. For the 25ish years since then, Ross' unwavering curiosity has brought him to learn for many mentors and their eclectic combination of styles. To mention R.L. Burnside, Scott H. Biram, Danny Michel, Tom Waits, Bob Log 111 and Kenny Brown would be just the tip of the iceberg. 

Ross would say that the only thing he's every trying to do is tell a story and have some fun.  To get his story out there, he will spin yarns on guitar, banjo, bass, ukulele, piano, harmonium and has just started working with a cello.  Heck, he also plays a cahon, euphonium and various other trinkets he keeps at the ready in his studio.  Basically, if it makes a noise, Ross'll figure out something to do with it.

Ross' musical aesthetic is a journey all unto itself and will range from gentle folk ballads to romping hill country stompin' blues.  Stops are made along the way for lighting quick roots rock, cute little yuke songs, light jazz (he says), country blues and story driven folk.   He is as perfectly content playing dirty slide guitar till the wee hours, as he is opening for Fred Penner and Charlotte Diamond.  

Ross' lyrics act on top of his music as the setting for many a wondrous tale.  He likes to think of his songs as movies for the ears and in any given moment, you might find yourself being chased by a police helicopter, re-living your own childhood, on a profound journey into all night boogies or even sometimes, immersed in the trials and tribulations of laundry.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll play.  You'll throw a boogie. 

Along with his solo work, you can also catch Ross performing with a variety of bands in and around Vancouver.  He heads up East Van Grass (on guitar). He plays bass in The Pernell Reichert Band.  He plays guitar and banjo in Leah Barley and The Converse Cowboys. And he plays bass in The Glenn Chatten Band.

You might have seen him at any number of the big indie festivals around Canada including:

Edge of The World 
Arts Wells
Alert Bay Sea Fest
Rockcreek Fall Fair
The Lilac Festival
Khatsalano Festival
Lytton River Festival
Blessed Coast

When he's not on stage performing, he can also be found at the sound board engaging his 10 years of experience in live sound.  If he's not performing and not doing live sound, he's  working in his home studio where he produces all his own albums as well as several of his friends.

Most recently, Ross has started working on a new project called "What I Have Been Up To". The vision for this project is a solo live off the floor acoustic album with an accompanying live shot video of each track.  Ross writes the songs, records all the tracks, and shoots/edits all the video himself.  Talk about a solo project, eh?

Make sure to check out Ross' upcoming shows to see where he'll be.  Ross is wonderfully friendly and loves to chat.